Information sessions on FLEGT progress and achievements


Interactive information sessions will bring us up to speed by explaining the top 5 things we need to know about the progress and achievements of the main pillars of the EU FLEGT Action Plan:

  • VPAs
  • Public procurement
  • Private sector initiatives
  • Finance and investment
  • EU Timber Regulation and similar regulations
  • Conflict timber

In addition, ITTO will present its recent findings on the Action Plan's impact on timber trade, and Chatham House will introduce the preliminary findings of its research on illegal logging. 


Who is in it?

The speakers list below will be updated as FLEGT Week 2015 approaches. Visit this website to get the latest about this session.

Alison Hoare, Chatham House

Alison Hoare has expertise in forest governance, natural resource use and community forestry and has been a Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House since 2011. She leads Chatham House's programme of work on forest governance and is engaged in research on policy options for the reduction of illegal logging and deforestation. She has previously worked with a range of environmental and forestry organisations, undertaking research, policy analysis and project management.

Duncan Brack, environmental policy analyst

Duncan Brack is an independent environmental policy analyst, working on issues including forest governance, illegal logging and the trade in illegal timber, deforestation and climate change, bioenergy, international environmental regimes and institutions and the interaction between environmental regulation and international trade rules.

He is an Associate Fellow of Chatham House, and an Associate of Forest Trends and Green Alliance. From 2010 to 2012 he was a special adviser at the United Kingdom Department of Energy and Climate Change, focusing mainly on UK, European and global climate policy and low-carbon investment. Before that he worked for Chatham House, and from 1998 to 2003 was head of its Sustainable Development Programme. He has also been a specialist adviser to the House of Commons Environment Select Committee and Environmental Audit Committee

Hans Stielstra, European Commission, DG Environment

Stielstra studied political science in the Netherlands. Since 1998 he has worked for the European Commission, DG Environment. Presently he is acting Head of Unit for global sustainability, trade and multilateral environmental agreements.

Mark Gregory, FERN

Gregory works with FERN, a forestry NGO that has been involved in the FLEGT process from the start. He leads a campaign that addresses the role played by European banks and investors in funding projects that contribute to deforestation and human rights abuses for communities that depend on forests. His background is in finance. Before joining FERN, Gregory spent 20 years as a journalist with the BBC covering financial and business stories for TV, radio and the news website. His last job title was Business and Technology Correspondent for BBC World Service, the organisation's international arm. He has a track record of making investigative documentaries on financial and environmental topics. His career included stints as the BBC's business correspondent in New York and in Brussels.  

Bernard Crabbé, European Commission

Crabbé is the Head Forest Sector at the Eurpean Commission, DG DEVCO. An agricultural engineer by training, with a specialization in tropical agronomy and environment, Crabbé has spent most of his professional career in developing countries. He managed rural development projects in Mali, Laos and Madagascar. He planted his first tropical trees in Timbuktu in 1991 and supported local governments and communities in promoting food security and managing water and forest resources. He then served as the adviser for environment and sustainable development matters to the Belgian Secretary of State for Development Cooperation in Brussels (Belgium). After a few years as development cooperation attaché in the Belgian embassies in Quito (Ecuador) and Dakar (Senegal), he joined the European Commission in 2008. He was head of the rural development and environment section at the EU Delegation in Kampala (Uganda), where he was in charge of a number of programmes in support of agriculture, commercial forestry, climate change adaptation and fisheries. He has been in charge of the forest sector in DG DEVCO since 2012. His team co-leads the implementation of the EU Action Plan on Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade.  

Thorsten Hinrichs, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Hinrichs is a forester working at Germany's Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Food since 1997. He has been responsible for different topics, from forest reproductive material to rural development. Since 2010 he has been working at the European and International Forest Policy division. He is in charge of the EU Forest Policy and one of his main tasks is the national implementation of the FLEGT Regulation and the EU Timber Regulation.

Rune Henriksen, security advisor

Henriksen has a PhD in international relations from the London School of Economics, where he published on combat motivation and armed groups in peer-reviewed journals. He has operational experience as a security advisor in Central Asia and Africa, including but not limited to investigation and development of law enforcement capability against transnational organized environmental crime. 

Robert Simpson, EU FAO FLEGT Programme

Robert Simpson is the manager of the EU FAO FLEGT Programme since 2009. He is trained as a Forest Economist, but has focused on aspects of forest governance for most of his career including extensive field work in Madagascar and Liberia prior to working for FAO. He started working in Madagascar as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1997 and later worked for the US Embassy in Antananarivo, and ended his work in Madagascar with NGO Fanamby supporting multiple use forest management and improved law enforcement for high value species. In Liberia, Robert worked for the US Forest Service as the long-term technical assistant to coordinate the Liberia Forest Initiative from 2004 to 2008.  

Nils Olaf Petersen, German Timber Trade Federation

Petersen is head of foreign trade at the German Timber Trade Federation. He is focused on customs, support for importing planning mills, brokers and agents; support for companies importing plywood and wood based panels, foreign and overseas wood trade in general and lobbying. 



Rupert Oliver, ITTO

Rupert Oliver is Lead Consultant to the FLEGT Independent Market Monitoring (IMM) Project. IMM is a multi-year project supervised by the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) and financed by the EU to support VPA implementation. The IMM objective is to monitor how the EU and wider international market for FLEGT licensed timber develops during the life of the VPA. IMM also aims to build on the opportunity presented by the development of legality assurance systems to improve the quality of timber trade statistics and effectiveness of timber market development programmes for timber from VPA countries. Rupert Oliver has been an independent consultant to the international timber industry for 20 years, specialising in analysis of trade flows, consumption patterns and impacts of policy instruments to promote legal and sustainable forestry practices.

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